February Group

Individual Pieces Listed Below

Faerie Crown

  Shown Enlarged 14K Gold

When I was young I thought that since daffodils resembled old-fashioned phones, that somehow faeries used daffodils as their garden phone. Who knows? The price of gold has changed so much that I can't keep the site up to date. Please call for a quote.

Sterling Silver       E-F12       $ 60       Qty:

14K Gold       GFC-2       Call for Price       Qty:

Faerie Birthstone

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Purple, the colour of passion and royalty. Is it any wonder that purple is one of the faerie's favourite colours? Even if this is not your birthstone you can wear this royal Faerie Ring® anyway!

Sterling Silver       FRBS-2       $ 40       Qty:

14K Gold             GFRBS-2       Call for Price       Qty:

PR4 Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Round and round encircling upon itself a spiral can sybolize the growth you make throughout your life.

Sterling Silver   PR4-5     $ 30     Qty:  

Faerie Heart

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

This band with four hearts looks mideval. A time when forests were plenty and faerie life florished.

Sterling Silver       FH-12       $ 15       Qty:

14K Gold             GFH-12       Call for Price       Qty:

Faerie Heart Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

There is a special way that faeries can wear their hair that looks like this design. A braid of sorts, the faerie hair is twisted, gathered and looped in a repetitive pattern. This is a 1/2-inch faerie size ring.

Sterling Silver       PR5-7     $ 15       Qty:  

14K Gold       GPR5-7     Call for Price       Qty:  

Faerie Slipper

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Leprechauns are in the business of making shoes so they designed a Faerie Slipper that resembles their own shoes. Wear this magical Faerie Slipper that will bring the luck of the Leprchauns, too. Just under 1" long.

Sterling Silver       FS-6     $ 50       Qty:  

14K Gold       GFS-6     Call for Price       Qty: