July Group

Individual Pieces Listed Below

Faerie Dangle Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Pink petals. Pink roses. Rosie pink faerie cheeks. These all come to mind with the pink rhodonite stone. Wear it next to the FG-5 so the faeries can paint the roses pink! The price of gold has changed so much that I can't keep the site up to date. Please call for a quote.

Sterling Silver       FRND-pink       $ 20       Qty:


Faerie Roses Garland

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Damsels left a path of roses for her troubador to follow, which would lead him to a romantic place in the garden. Often faeries would give aid to romantic lovers by making the petals glow in the moonlight.

Sterling Silver       FG-5       $ 20       Qty:

14K Gold             GFG-5       Call for Price       Qty:


Roses Garland Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

These long-stemmed roses rest end to end encircling your finger with the tiniest roses.

Sterling Silver   R-FG6     $ 85     Size: Qty:  

14K Gold     RG-FG6     Call for Price     Size: Qty:  


Faerie Birthstone

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Ruby is July's birthstone and the colour reflects the red hot feeling of summer days. The Birthstone Ring (faerie Size) looks good worn with the Strawberry Dangle or Rose Garland to mimic their rich reds found in nature. (Faerie size, of course, 1/2-inch).

Sterling Silver       FRBS-7       $ 40       Qty:

14K Gold             GFRBS-7       Call for Price       Qty:


Strawberry Dangle

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Strawberries are precious fruit offered from the heart of summer. Faeries distract the bugs and insects that may creep into the strawberry patch so that the berries can be successfully plucked for our enjoyment.

Sterling Silver   STWD     $ 35     Qty:  


Faerie Slipper

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

'Tis the season that we bring out sandals and mules to wear. While waiting for a dragonfly to come by, a faerie attached this starburst flower to her mule-style slipper.

Sterling Silver       FS-16       $ 45       Qty:

14K Gold             GFS-16       Call for Price       Qty: