June Group

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Buttercup Garland Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

During the Renaissance artists used flowers as visual shorthand. In particular, they used buttercups to symbolize riches. This double Buttercup design graces your hand. It is lovely in sterling silver and is even more beautiful in 14 karat gold. The price of gold has changed so much that I can't keep the site up to date. Please call for a quote.

Sterling Silver   R-FG6     $ 85     Size: Qty:  

14 Carat Gold   RG-FG6     Call for Price     Size: Qty:  

Faerie Buttercup Garland

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Buttercups symbolize the remembrance of childhood. With the onset of summer, who doesn't think of their own childhood? Whether or not you had one filled with discovery and adventure or fun and relaxation, you can now create that thought in your daily life. Wear this faerie size ring to remember to see things anew, to notice the fragility of flower petals and revel in their boldness to remain delicate in a harsh world.

Sterling Silver       FG-6       $ 20       Qty:

14K Gold       GFG-6       Call for Price       Qty:

Faerie Birthstone

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

It isn't very often in nature that you see the colours lavender and brown blended together. It's as if the faeries themselves made it for the fun of it! While it is June's birthstone, this ring is pretty with the Yellow-Dangle Faerie Ring since they are opposite colours. (Faerie size, of course, 1/2-inch).

Sterling Silver       FRBS-6       $ 40       Qty:

14K Gold             GFRBS-6       Call for Price       Qty:

Faerie Dangle Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The yellow colour of this Natural Dangle is an extension of this month's Buttercup theme. I like it paired with the Buttercup Faerie Ring because it compliments the yellow in Buttercups. Yellow is also the colour of honey. When you wear this charm you surround yourself with magic which will attract the sweetness of life.

Sterling Silver   FRND-yell     $ 20     Qty:  

Dragonfly Dangle

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

A free ride is much appreciated by a tired flying faerie. I am fascinated with dragonflies for their amazing shape, their speed and flying ability. These magical beings are found worldwide. The most exotic dragonflies I've seen were a large blue-green dragonfly in a firefly filled garden in The Netherlands and a 5-inch long red dragonfly in southern China. The Dragonfly Dangle measures 3/4" long.

Sterling Silver       DFD     $ 35       Qty:  

Faerie Slipper

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The Buttercup Faeries are blond so when they sit in a buttercup they can blend in with it. It must be true - have you ever noticed a faerie sitting in a buttercup? That is how faerie magic works. When we are surrounded by the beauty and scent of a field of flowers we often miss the small things. This faerie slipper has a tiny buttercup right on the front.

Sterling Silver       FS-18       $ 45       Qty:

14K Gold             GFS-18       Call for Price       Qty: