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Faerie Rings 20th May Day Charm

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

This charm was created to celebrate the 20th Faerie Festival at Sproutwood in 2011. It is cast in Sterling Silver and can be worn on a necklace or bracelet. The scroll points out the 20th May Day since that is the time of year that the festival is held each year. The reverse is signed by the artist. These unique rememberances will be available at the Faerie Festival and until June 2011. You can pre-order and pay online for pickup at the Faerie Festival or you can find me at the festival this year and get one... but don't delay there are a limited number of these special charms being cast.

Sterling Silver       20thMayDay     $ 30       Qty:

Moonstone Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The moonstone is a favorite of the faeries in England and Wales. The Celtic faeries also hold the moonstone in very high esteem. With this ring with its translucent stone you are reminded of warm spring nights with soft moon light and puffy white clouds on cool spring day. The price of gold has changed so much that I can't keep the site up to date. Please call for a quote.

Sterling Silver       FRNS-1moon     $ 45       Qty:

Faerie Birthstone

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The light blue white colour of the March birthstone is reflective of the lightness of new beginnings. Wear this any time of year to feel the lightness of spring in your heart and soul. Stone is set in a six prong Tiffany setting. (Faerie size, of course, 1/2-inch).

Sterling Silver       FRBS-3       $ 40       Qty:

14K Gold             GFRBS-3       Call for Price       Qty:

FG-8 Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The flower garland rings are perfect for spring and summer. The remind us of the beauty all around us each day. They also go well with the simpler design Faerie Rings® and provide a texture to the ensemble. Or, you can combine several flower garland rings to have a little spring garden on your neck. This faerie size ring is 1/2-inch in size.

Sterling Silver   FG-8     $ 20     Qty:  

Flower Garland Earrings

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

These flower garland eerings are a perfect match for the flower garland faerie ring shown above. The Faeries really like spring flowers and there are three of these tiny silver spring flowers on each earring.

Sterling Silver       E-FG8     $ 38       Qty:  

Turquoise Dangle Bracelet

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The turquoise dangle and the Faerie Rings® mushroom tag make this bracelet something special. Silver and turquoise have long been associated with the southwest and this combination is a favorite of the faeries of that region.

Sterling Silver   B-CHturq     $32     Qty:  

Faerie Zig Zag Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

This simple pattern, one of the most ancient and venerated by the faeries, was shown to the Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago. But this simple back and forth design has endured for those thousands of years because of its elegance and purity of form. This is a 1/2-inch faerie size ring.

Sterling Silver       PR1-6     $ 15       Qty:  

14K Gold       GPR1-6     Call for Price       Qty: