Spring is coming!

I get all bubbly when Spring is in the air!

Spring is hatching with the fervency of an ambitious chick. For the next few months the temperature swings from high to low in swift measure, as if Mother Nature is shaking the season to release winter and change to springtime. The earthÕs energy is in the spirit of labor and beginnings, and from that energy I have been inspired to work on new custom pieces and I have also created a special charm to celebrate the 20th annual May Day Fairie Festival!

L Miller

I imagined a faerie announcing the 20th annual May Day Fairie Festival by reading from this 1/2 inch scroll. Each limited edition hand-cast sterling silver 20th May Day charm is $30. I am taking pre-orders leading up to the festival.

I hope to see you at Spoutwood Farm 20th annual May Day Fairie Festival where I will be a vendor! The dates are April 29, 30 and May 1. For more information go to http://www.spoutwood.com/fairie-festival/about

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Don't forget to check out the Irish Festival. It will be held the first weekend in March in Dallas' Fair Park Automobile Building. There will be music, dance, Irish related products and general frolick and festivities. http://www.ntif.org/

Thank you for your e-mails with comments and questions. I appreciate your taking the time to call or write.

   Have a great day!

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