Fairy Tale Book

a little brown notebook: Grimms' Fairy Tales, Illustrated by Gary Rees. Published by MQ Publications Limited, 254-258 Goswell Road, London, EC1V-7EB, ISBN: 1-897954-95-6.

This small scale book is 4 1/2" x 6" is, as the title suggests, entirely brown with black script and illustrations. I am drawn to begin describing the book by its look before its contents, perhaps because we are familiar with the Grimms' Fairy Tales as a whole and because the presentation of this selection of his work is refreshingly different and tactile. The inside pages feel like a brown paper bag which is a fun element, as is the ribbon tie that closes the book. The cover has a drawing of a crowned princess under a full moon about to kiss her frog prince. Since I design a Frog Prince (available in upcoming months) I found it particularly delightful.

Some of the stories are well known like Rumpelstiltzkin and Rapunzel while others are less familiar like The Bremen Town Musicians, Snowdrop, the Golden Goose, and Snow White & Rose Red. The stories are all short and appropriate for all ages.

One place you may want to look for this book is at the Frick Collection book shop in New York.