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Welcome to the Faerie Rings® website. The site map above shows the flow of the site pages from the home page to the current selections and other features of this site. Try this. You can use your mouse to select the pages on the image above to jump right to that point in the site. The menu on the left side of the page can be used to quickly navigate around the site,

Across the top of each page (including this page) are several shortcuts to other interesting places on the site. Contact Us in the left side menu is a web mail utility you can use even if you are not on your own computer. The E-Mail link at the top of each page opens a new e-mail in your e-mail application.

By clicking on A Month's Choice or Feature you can move to the month's selections that are available in those months. We only have three months of Faerie Rings® online at one time. If you missed something you wanted, try contacting a retailer in your area. Or you can call and ask if I have one available. I do have a limited number of some items on hand for shows. New designs appear every month, so be sure to check back and see what kind of new faerie fun we have been up to in the last 30 days...

Updated: 1 January 2011
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